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1. Give millions of Canadians access by transit to a beautiful and biologically diverse National Park, improving quality of life and health in the GTA;

2. Protect and expand a designated area of Canada’s rare Carolinian Forest Zone, the zone with the most endangered species, but the fewest parks;

3. Reach out to urban Canadians, young and old, to nurture a vital part of our shared Canadian identity and character and our love of natural areas and national parks;

4. Protect and restore core habitat areas and ecological corridors and provide public trails to connect Lake Ontario and the Waterfront Trail to the Oak Ridges Moraine and Cross Canada Trail;

5. Protect and restore water quality, trout and Atlantic salmon streams, and habitat for more than a dozen designated federal species at risk and many provincially and regionally rare species;

6. Protect and respect the area’s rich First Nation and pioneer heritage, two National Historic sites and healthy local food production and

7. Create compatible recreation, tourism and agricultural opportunities, improve property values, and attract businesses, jobs and revenues to nearby communities.