… ask your Premier and Provincial Government to protect and grow Ontario’s Greenbelt and its Rouge Park “main ecological corridor”:

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The Letter …

Dear Premier, Ministers and MPPs:

Ontario’s Greenbelt and Rouge Park legacies have strong public support.  Former MPP Alvin Curling wrote the following in a February 16, 2016 letter to Premier Wynne:

“Ontario’s Growth Plan for the Greater Golden Horseshoe (GGH) relies on the implementation of Greenbelt, Rouge Park and Watershed Plans to buffer the impacts of growth and climate change, and better protect Lake Ontario’s health, and human health and wellbeing. 

“Over the last 26 years, Ontario’s Rouge Park Plans were developed by four different provincial governments of three different political stripes… They all took important steps to protect and restore the park’s ecological integrity and the heart of the park – the Little Rouge River “main ecological corridor” forest link between Lake Ontario and the Oak Ridges Moraine.”

A Neptis Foundation study found that nearly 1,250 square kilometres of land have already been identified for future urban growth surrounding Toronto and the Greater Golden Horseshoe Area. Despite this fact, wealthy land speculators want you to weaken the Greenbelt so they can control even more land.  By hoarding more and more land, speculators and developers can manipulate the housing market for greater profits while they falsely blame soaring house prices on Greenbelt and Growth Plans.

Ontario residents want a Government that will say NO to such development greed and manipulation.  We know that urban sprawl destroys greenspace and farmland and leads to:

  1. ever increasing taxes to build and maintain sprawling roads, pipes and infrastructure;
  2. ever increasing traffic gridlock from more cars funnelling towards bottlenecks and accidents;
  3. ever more pollution, runoff,  flood damage, climate change and human health costs;

We want a Government which can stop urban sprawl and protect and grow the Greenbelt by:

  1. freezing municipal urban boundary expansions for 10 years or more;
  2. increasing Growth Plan intensification targets and public transit;
  3. ensuring the National Rouge Park Plan implements the Greenbelt “main ecological corridor”;
  4. closing risky loopholes that could allow over-development of rural villages and hamlets;
  5. continuing to prohibit new lake-based water and sewer infrastructure within the Greenbelt;
  6. requiring better planning and implementation of Watershed and Great Lakes Remedial Action Plans to protect and restore natural habitat systems, biodiversity, water quality and water flows;
  7. establishing permanent growth boundaries like many European cities;
  8. establishing a compliance secretariat to enforce Greenbelt, Growth and Watershed Plan policies.

Will your Government implement these and other steps to Stop Sprawl, Grow the Greenbelt and  implement the Greenbelt “main ecological corridor” within the National Rouge Park?

I look forward to your response.



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